I think its just something we as artists carry around with us. I don't think it really matters what your level of recognition is or what succeeding in art personally is to you, there's always fear, self-doubt and feelings of not being enough or feelings of failure.
I guess it is ingrained in the notion of being an artist, since the whole narrative of a failed artist/ succesful artist depends so much on how other people perceive your work. There simply is no such thing written down to decide universally as what is 'good work' or a 'good artist', there are no set rules, no set standards to reach with the work you made; visually or technically. There is no accepted set time for how much time does a great work take to be made.

I wanted to take all of the feelings of doubt, and make sure that when you see this particular work, you can't just ignore it. You cannot 'not feel' someway about it. Maybe its pretty, maybe it made you smile, maybe you pondered if it's heavy (which it totally is) or maybe you just thought it was really unnecessary to waste time on making something like that. Maybe you saw it and thought 'wow, that seems unpractical to wear'.
But, it made you the person seeing it, react to my struggles as an artist in one way or another. And I guess I can draw some comfort in that. A reaction. Because is there anything more dreadful as an artist than a non-reaction for your work?

Maybe for just a second it crossed your eyes and mind, and then it was never thought again, or maybe it really touched someone deeply.

Whatever it made you feel,
I made my fears bloom.

This necklace is called
"Garden of Unwanted Flowers".
It was shot at my studio as the studio was, and it was worn by the artist who made it. 
As she is.

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